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  • GR 7-Way Nail Buffer

A multi-function seven-way nail buffer; gently smoothes the surface of nails, you can use for natural looking shiny bare nails or prepare your nails for perfect manicure.  7 different surfaces and each serves a different purpose: filing, shaping, sanding, polishing and more!

Step 1: Coarse grit to shape nail
Step 2: Medium grit to shape nail
Step 3: Fine grit to neaten edges of nail
Step 4: Even out
Step 5: Smooth nail
Step 6: Buff nail
Step 7: Shine nail


  • GR Glass Nail File

Double sided glass nail file shapes your nails perfectly with fine and uniform textured grits. Regular use will prevent splitting and peeling, helps to grow more beautiful, healthier and smoother nails.

To clean the file, simply rinse with water.

  • Nail Whitener

Nail whitener pencil is applied to inside tip of the nail for whitening. Ideal for French manicure. You can use wet or dry.